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Urban Lights with LoosenArt at Millepiani Gallery, Rome

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thesis in visual & environmental studies at harvard college

Guess who’s all grown up and working on a thesis… here are excerpts from my proposal:

My interest is in queer sex and kink, the boundary between art and pornography, extremes of intimacy, interactions between familiar and unfamiliar individuals, the difficulties of communicating with the subjects of one’s art, aesthetics of punk and DIY, and producing personal writings.

My goal with this work to put a spotlight on queer sex that doesn’t have to do with exotification, voyeurism, or a privileged gaze and instead is an insider’s desire to document real and joyful intimacy within their own community, with affection and sensitivity.

Interested? Shoot me a message if you think you might like to be photographed or interviewed.

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Journal entry, 3/12/19

Journal entry, 3/12/19

Journal entry, 3/3/19

Journal entry, 3/3/19

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