about me

Originally from the Bronx, I am currently based in Boston, where I spend most of my time people watching, riding buses, and caring for parrots. Secondary to that are my studies at Harvard and work at the Harvard Art Museums.

I accidentally enrolled in a photography class while still in high school, in September of 2014. I quickly fell in love with the experience of shooting film and printing in the darkroom, and started making work at the International Center of Photography in January of 2015. Today, I am in my third year of the Visual and Environmental Studies program at Harvard, primarily making portraits of myself and my (queer) community.

My career aspirations are in the museum field. I have been exploring curation, conservation, visitor services, and other exciting options— through both work and my secondary field coursework in History of Art and Architecture— since the summer of 2016.

I like vegan food, fashion, ambient and experimental music, yoga, and birds.

Photo by  Caitlin Lent ; Brighton, MA, July 2018

Photo by Caitlin Lent; Brighton, MA, July 2018